On this page, you will find all relevant project documents rgarding ImProDiReT. We believe in sharing valuable content could figure as an example for future projects.


D1.8: Risk map Transcarpathia

D1.9: Report on Methodology

D1.10: Scientific article on risk mapping in Transcarpathia


D2.2: Campaign plan Solotvyno

D2.3: Campaign plan Transcarpathia

D2.4: Products as part of campaigns

D2.5: Final report on campaigns


D3.1: State of the art analysis

D3.2: Approach to identify local requirements for selecting DRR approaches

D3.3: Risk evaluation approach

D3.4: Joint decision making approach


D4.1: Stakeholder and solution partner map for Solotvyno case

D4.2: Hazard map for Solotvyno area

D4.3: Risk map for Solotvyno area

D4.10: Roadmap for Solotvyno

D4.11: Process reports WP4


D5.1: Stakeholder and solution partner map for Transcarpathia

D5.2 / 5.3: Risk map for Transcarpathia

D5.4: Leaflet for inhabitants Transcarpathia

D5.10: Final action plan

D5.11: Process report WP5


D6.1: ImProDiReT Dissemination and Communication Action Plan

D6.2: ImProDiReT Visibility

D6.3: ImProDiReT Project video

D6.4: ImProDiReT Final Conference

D6.5: ImProDiReT Leaflet and Articles

D6.6: ImProDiReT scientific articles

D6.7: Magazine Articles

D6.8: Conference Presentations