Improving Disaster Risk Reduction
in the Transcarpathian region

Disaster Risk Reduction is a critical element to ensure that the likelihood of disaster decreases, as well as reducing their impact when they do occur. Disaster Risk Reduction is a joined responsibility shared by governmental agencies, regional organizations, the communities, and individual citizens. Exchanging information between these layers is a prerequisite for successful, comprehensive, and sustainable disaster risk reduction. At the same time ownership and engagement of all stakeholders is important of the adoption of disaster risk reduction strategies.


This project is funded by the European Union Civil Protection, under grant agreement No 783232

Risk identification & awareness

Identify the risks, understand their (potential) impact, assess potential interventions. 

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Empowerment of community

Enable communities to conduct their own risk mapping, assessment and awareness raising, and design local disaster risk reduction programs. 

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Capacity building

Provide the information, tools, capacities to communities to manage the own DRR process, including raising awareness, assessment, and decision making.

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